Bon Bons on Rodeo Drive



Strange enough blog title for today don’t you think? It has become quite the joke in my household, almost as great as the joke about the non-existent maid that I employ and fire on a regular basis. The truth is? I don’t think I have ever eaten an actual “bon-bon” but this year may be one of those firsts.

I have learned through my 46 years that assuming what you know about others is not only unfair, it is the worst form of judgement we can impose on one another. This has always been a major pet peeve in my corner of the world and has NEVER been a job that has been divinely appointed by others. I have come to know that it is a learned behavior, not an employable position, only God himself holds this title. (okay, got the soapbox out-of-the-way)

I had been gainfully employed from the age of 16 until the age of, yes, I know what it is like to hold down a job, run a household and toggle everything around a working schedule. It is tough with and without children. Life is busier than we want it to be at times and most of my friends continue to juggle this quite competently. I have complete admiration for those that do it so well.

I never ask my friends “What did you do all day?” or even assume that because they have a paying job, their checkbooks always balance. I also do not assume that my retired friends have “arrived.” My point is this – words can be used for 2 things when you assume.

1. To build up

2. To tear down

There are no gray areas here. Use your words wisely. If you don’t agree with others choices? I promise you IT IS OKAY… we were not fashioned to be clones, but individuals. What works for you, may not work for someone else.

If I DO decide to stay at home for the purpose of eating Bon Bons, or actually hire a maid so I can watch soap operas all day long?… I promise I will immediately post it on my social network to make sure you get the heads up!

As a stay at home mom who homeschools 180 actual days out of the year….be prepared for the “eye roll” the next time you make one of these statements:

1. What do you do all day? 2. Oh, so you don’t actually work?  3. You must have a lot of free time? 4. Some of us have to work for a living. 5. (my utmost favorite: “It must be nice” (derogatory)

For the record, I am busy.. every day. I do have advantages in staying home, but so do you from working. I do not begrudge your new automobile, your larger home that you work hard to pay for, or your totally new fall wardrobe. I will, honestly, rejoice with you in your blessings.

If you work? Be the best employee you can ultimately be! If you stay at home? Be the best homemaker you can ultimately be!

If you want to voluntarily have a Bon- Bon party? I’ll even put a temporary address label on my mailbox (Rodeo Drive)  I’m  all in! We should be an encourager for one another.. share one anothers burdens.. regardless what season or job in life we find ourselves in. And please, don’t let me remind you what the word “assume” really stands for. It would not be appropriate for my blog.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game



The smell of stadium food at Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, the roar of the crowd and the awesome sound of the crack of the bat- I’m not sure who enjoyed it more? It was Hannah and my husbands first MLB game, and a second for me.  A great example of living life in “moments” not years. I could have watched them as much as I watched the game. I hope it was a moment that they will not soon forget.

Amazingly enough, I still felt a little emotional when we all sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” there is just something about thousands of people being on the same page. Only at an athletic event does this usually transpire. I’ll take it.

There was not much scoring during this game against the Miami Marlins. As a matter of fact, no one scored until the top of the ninth inning, but MLB games are just as exciting in between the change ups. There is just a lot of things going on around you – sights, smells and my husbands favorite, people watching. I think they learned a lot about being intoxicated on the upper deck. My daughter even commented how there were some very unwise choices going on. She is a visual learner, so – I’ll take that too.


I’ve decided that whether you have a boy or girl? A baseball game is the perfect place to share your thoughts. We watched as Chris Johnson got thrown out of the game for his attitude..there were consequences. When you hit a few fouls? there is room for another chance…aaah… sounds a lot like “grace” don’t you think? The seventh inning stretch? well, that’s where you get your “second wind” you get the picture… we could learn a lot more from a baseball game than you think.


I shared with her my favorite quote from Warren Spahn..Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing…. Everything has a balance, such as we have to have in this life.

When there were absolutely no scores on the board, she asked if they had “overtime” (chuckle)…. I explained that they were given extra innings until someone scored first. We don’t always get the extra innings in life, that’s why we have to make every moment count like it is the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded. Make your moments count….go down swinging.

Yes, baseball was very much a learning experience. Life learning. Even if you are not a baseball fan? I highly suggest having the experience. Check it off of your bucket list if you have one. Today,  I leave you with another one of my favorite quotes by the famous Hank Aaron…

“My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.”

That’s it…. just keep swinging my friend.

I am a Rock



What a book title? I am a Rock. It was one of the first beginner readers in a K-5 series. It was an entire book that repeated itself about being “just a rock” I do not move… I am a rock…I am …. blah blah .. I am a rock. You get the picture. Honestly, I thought it was the most annoying book. There was no story, just a picture of that lifeless rock.

The more I learned about a rock? The more I contemplated what it would be like to be one, metaphorically anyway. They are normally “hard”  and “naturally” formed. They do not move, feel, or speak. They are just a rock.

Strangely enough, it sometimes appeals to me. I am wise enough to know that I was not created to be one, but fashioned into something more. I know that I will not accomplish anything greater by being a rock. I have to endure the painful process of crushing and polishing. It’s a process that I don’t enjoy… (can I just skip to the polishing part?) I already know the answer to that one.

Maybe this is my underlying passion to collect beach stones and shells? They are already smoothed by the rough tumbling of the stormy sea. I only notice the finished masterpiece, unaware of the journey it took to get there.

Inwardly, I want to maintain the status of a rock, I don’t want to be broken, or crushed. I want to remain like a lump of the coal my daddy would mine throughout my childhood, but I know all too well the process of blasting through the slate, keeping only the useful parts. I’m sure the diamond gem would have survived being un-mined, but it would have only served a selfish purpose, forever unaware of its potential to shine.

Each day I have the conscious choice of being a rock. Some days it serves a temporary purpose, but most days I am forced to come out from under it. It’s easy being a rock, but not as rewarding as sharing your gemstones.

Psalms 26:2 Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart.