Some days your heart speaks through different images of creation, whether it be sunsets, blue skies or like today? Songbirds. I hear only the songs this morning stirring outside of my span of quiet. I knew they were close by? but was content to listen long before I decided to get up to take a look.

They seem to know that I am here, listening and taking in every note. Birdsongs…thankful that I am stirred this morning, bidding me to keep a song in my heart, regardless of the intruding noises that attempt to invade my soul space.

It fills the crevices like an ointment, soothing the raw edges left over from weary moments. In an instant, the song comes and I have to go to my iPod for lyrics. Sometimes a song is all you need. I find that music speaks what the heart struggles to say at times. Sing on little songbirds….count me in to follow your melody with whispers of harmony from my soul.

Lyrics from “Birdsong” by Jessie Goodman

Sittin right here at my window seat

I listen to the rain and the birdies sing

I hear..

God speak to me

And he said….

“Birds know how to sing – in the rain

Sittin’ right here and I call my friend

And I start sharing what I’ve been singin’

And he says.. Well this is what somebody told me..

Did you know? Birds know how to fly

Even with a broken wing

It doesn’t matter how fast you fly

It doesn’t matter how loud you sing

But it matters how hard you try

No matter what life may bring……

See I’ve been broken and I’ve been rained on

But I keep hopin if I just hold on

Then I’ see

Who I’m meant to be.

Cause I know.. I was born to fly

And I was made to sing….

So I’m sittin’ right here at my window seat….

Keep singin’ right here at my window seat….


May I never lose my love for song……


19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.