Seeing in the Dark


I have never liked being in the dark, however I have never feared it. When the time changes, and it is dark by 5pm? it makes me gloomy and tired and ready for bed by 8pm. There are some things I learn here… that my surroundings do affect my mood just like everyone else, and I have to push harder to adjust my vision –  I have to focus on the task at hand, regardless of the dismal amount of light during this season. It’s dark sometimes on the outside, and yes, it can make me pretty dark on the inside as well.

Let me share a simple childhood story….

My grandmother lived 2 house up from me and it was very common for us to walk back and forth at night. Sometimes, she would walk back to our house for a spell. There were lots and lots of potholes in our road back then… mud holes to be exact. My eyesight was pretty keen back then so she would say “Neicey? since you can see better than me, you lead the way.” Without fail, I would hold her hand and lead her around the mud holes until we reached the house. She never doubted that her feet would stay dry as long as I held onto her. One night, I was not focused on walking, and I led us both through a watery hole. She laughed and asked if I did it on purpose? No, Mamaw… I just got lost in the dark for a minute. I knew this path very well.. and I knew that if I kept maneuvering we would always find our way. I never feared the dark or the boogie man. I always knew that dark was a season, and daylight would eventually appear.

Fast forward 40 some years later, and I am still learning to maneuver in the dark, but I have learned a few simple truths.

The darkness of night is not scary, because I know the light is just beyond the horizon without fail, upon every new day.

The grandest of stars can only be seen when it is really dark.

Finding my way depends on my focus, not on my surroundings.

I believe in the evidence of things not seen – John 16:33

Dark is a season, not a destination.

A candle illuminates nothing in broad daylight.


I may bump into a few things in the dark, I may come away with a few bruises? I may have to really adjust my focus more than I desire to do so? But, I know that if I make the effort, the light will come and I will feel the sun on my face another day.

My daughter often asks me “but how do you know everything will get better?” Because I know… I know that the dark seasons are temporary, I know that there is light just around the bend, and as long as I look for it? I will find it. Every. Time. It may not be as bright as I want, it may not last as long as I would like…but I know that it is there.. that’s what my definition has been regarding having faith. Without it, we are just going to stay in the dark, no matter how much the sun shines? We won’t feel it on the inside.

Your days may be dark…sometimes they just are.. but never stop anticipating the unseen. Hope (Hatikvah) in the things that are on the horizon, even when you get let down, or honestly, when you let others down. Light will always diffuse the dark – always.