A Good Case of the “Giggles”


Have you ever had just a good case of the “giggles?”  I honestly can say that I get atleast one laugh in everyday. I am proud of this fact. Sometimes it is even at my own self but always about something. Sure, we have the other days too, but we try to focus on the laughing times more. It is important to remember what makes you laugh!  What I love even more than laughing?.. is when I get a good ole case of the “giggles”

The photo above is one of my giggle days.. my daughter and a former pet lovebird. If there is a way to play “out of the box” she will surely find it. Sometimes I just roll my eyes outloud, other times it brings me to a fit of giggles. Yes, this day was one of them! The bird was all too eager to enjoy riding the tractor with snoopy. Maybe he was familiar with Woodstock from the Peanuts Gang? who knows.. Although we no longer have the bird, I still have the giggles when I see this photo.

The fact remains that we do not take time to giggle enough. I am going to try and not hold back my giggles as often in the coming months. “A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” – Proverbs 17:22 (New King James Version) I much prefer the merry heart as opposed to dried up bones.. funny bones that is!

Another photo that brings me to the same place..Our dog Cleo. She probably didn’t appreciate my giggles when I witnessed Barbie having the ride of her life on a toy horse saddle strapped on her back…..but I giggled…a lot! Cleo is such a good sport, more than people that have no need for giggles I must say. So this photo is good for one free giggle or two on us! LOL .. life here is never dull, never perfect, but we do have lots of GIGGLES!

Once again, I was reminded how great it is to giggle. At bedtime, I was sharing with Hannah how much giggling we enjoyed at my house while growing up. Aunts and Cousins visiting, sleepovers with my friends and my brother’s friends.  I told her a few funny stories that errupted into massive giggling.. so much that we were getting pretty loud! Finally, I said.. no more.. we have got to get to bed! She begged for more stories, but I promised I would continue it another night.  We said our goodnights with giggles… what a great way to end the day!

When was the last time you giggled? If you can’t remember, then it’s been too long! Life is tough, it is sometimes much too serious and steals our giggles. But, I promise if you allow yourself a giggle moment here and there….it will be well worth the effort!


2 thoughts on “A Good Case of the “Giggles”

  1. i love to laugh, i realize now at this point in my life where i feel free to laugh anytime and as often as i like that it is truly a gilt. Feel free to giggle it makes you feel great. I was in a situation for years that stifled that in me unless i was just out with my kids, watching or reading a funny book on my own, now i giggle and laugh all the time. God has truly blessed me with a husband who likes it when i laugh, he enjoys seeing me happy and goes out of his way to make me that way. What a blessing people can be to each other, why do some of us feel the need to walk around with a frown and make others feel sad. God gave us the gift of laughter, let’s use it more often. love your blogs . I knew you had a wonderful heart but reading these gives a little more insight into you. take care babe.

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