The White Horse


white horse

It has been a surreal week. I continue to be amazed how God uses His creation to speak to my heart. He often speaks through beautiful skies, amazing landscapes and sometimes just the simple laughter of a child. This week, it just so happened to be a horse..a white horse.

It has been a little past six months that I have been taking my daughter to riding lessons. It has went by quickly, unless you count the months that she has been trying to hide from her Pa that she has been taking lessons. He has been her teacher since day one, a bond that they continue to have. He has been physically unable to make the trip here for a while, disappointment often plagues them both. Unknowingly, he asks her from week to week, “Have you been riding much” referring to their horses here. She tells him not much, which is truth, only because we seldom have the opportunity to ride in the evenings. She doesn’t tell him about riding lessons. Her hope is to surprise him when he comes to visit. She wants him to be here, to show him her progress. He tells her she should be riding more, she agrees….but for now, it is painstakingly her “secret.”

We continue riding lessons once a week. She has ridden a few different horses, but last week, her teacher brings out a different horse. I am overwhelmed at the sight of her new riding partner. I struggle to maintain my composure. My thoughts immediately turn to the previous conversations between her and Pa. Stories from the Bible about the rider of the white horse.. Scripture from Revelation 19 floods my spirit. “I saw Heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.” I was also reminded of something that she told me a couple of years ago about her and Pa getting to ride “White Horses” in heaven. It was symbolic to me to say the least.  Do I think they will ride in Heaven one day? maybe?  but I do know what I felt in my heart when I saw this animal.  Confirmation. God is Faithful and True. The White Horse represents something more pure than I can imagine. It represents a promise.  I look forward to the day when sicknesses, and the distant miles will no longer separate us from those we love.


Although the horse she rides currently is a much older one, it still speaks volume to me. The White Horse is symbolic.  It is still strong, almost timeless. Watching her ride this week, I am flooded with emotions. How I wish Pa were here to see how far she has come these last few months. I will continue to capture as much as possible in photographs, but nothing will compare to the first time he witnesses her improved riding in person. May God grant us that opportunity.

I can’t help but think that she senses it too. Anticipation…improving as much as she can, enjoying every minute riding the white horse. I am so thankful that God allowed me such a heart-warming glimpse this week through his creation.

Ride on sweet girl, continuing to show me more than I thought possible through your eyes, and the beauty of riding the white horse.


3 thoughts on “The White Horse

  1. You need to have the video camera on Pa and Hannah when she rides the first time for him… months HAVE slipped by… it doesn’t seem like it’s been such a long time since Pa was here…but it really has been a long time… 😦 She will be ONE happy girl when he turns in your driveway!

  2. nananet

    This is beautiful Denise. My heart is heavy for you Hannah and Derek. For I know all to well all the emotions that everyone is feeling. I hope and pray God sends you all peace. I love you all very much.

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