These are a Few of My Favorite Things…..


pumpkin roll

I have so many Christmas favorites. I do not know where to begin. I have already had to remove some songs from my iPod, just to have enough memory for my Christmas music! Yes, I have tons of music. It isn’t enough that most local radio stations are playing the music twenty-four hours a day now. I have favorite Christmas movies, books and even commercials. I did mention earlier that my daughter and I love Christmas, right?

Every year I take the requests for their favorite Christmas dessert, candy, etc. For my husband, it happened to be “tater candy” – pure sugar is all I can sum that up to..the kind that you need a glass of milk just to get it down!  My daughter couldn’t think of anything she really had to have except for a Pumpkin Roll- not my specialty, but yes, I made it just for her.

tater candy

Normally, I save the last week before Christmas to finish last minute shopping and baking. I am a few days into it and I already find myself thinking about which dessert or candy that I really want? I just can’t decide. We have vowed to do a little something every day, just to celebrate the season.

Maybe I will try Peanut Butter Delight? Hmm.. I think the weather interferes with that one. I thought about just fudge? I thought maybe I would try to make Rice Krispy Treats? Nah…..about the time I was pondering my favorite confection? My phone rings. “Do you want some Hot Apple Cider? I immediately say yes!

I make this cider, but it seldom ever turns out the same for me. Some things are just better when someone else makes it! Especially, when you consider it a holiday tradition? My sister in law, Teresa- makes the best! There is just something about anticipating the joy of one of your favorite things.


I hope that you find it possible to enjoy some of your favorites this Christmas. It really seems to keep the joy in the midst of everything. Life is busy, this time of year is extremely busy! No humbugs here. Our intention is  to enjoy every minute, a few favorites, and even a  story or two from Christmas past! Time will quickly pass, and we will be back to our usual soon enough. Make the most of your moments!

So, sit down occasionally, share one of your favorites with someone.. Make some memories and  don’t forget to look for your favorite things! Merry Christmas!… only one more week! And, thanks again Teresa- for providing one of my “favorite things” this season.


4 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favorite Things…..

  1. You are right! That tater candy is “walking diabetes”!!!!!!!!! It’s good, but you can’t eat much at a time or you have to grab the dramamine… I wish I had all the cookie recipes one of my mom’s aunts had. Every year she and her daughter would start baking right after Thanksgiving. By the time xmas week rolled around they had dozens and dozens of cookies made from at least 2 dozen recipes. I loved them all! I can’t remember the different kinds…only my favorites…that are STILL my favorites… iced gingerbread men… lady fingers with pecans… iced sugar cookies… and ALL made with REAL butter… Can’t look back no more today… my present self will gain 20 lb. if I “think there” too long!

  2. I miss my grandmother’s chocolate walnut fudge. I thought it was too much fun “buttering” her ceramic buffet table… only to watch her pour a kettle of hot fuge mixture onto it. We couldn’t wait for it to cool! She and Momma would “trade” candies. We always had a variety of Christmas candies, cookies and desserts. Good Times.

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