Tea Party


 tea party5

As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed a tea party. My Momma made sure that we had one and often. My granny used to sneak tea to me when I was four years old. It was just something we did together. Hot tea, with cream and sugar cubes, will always hold a special place in my little world.

We continued our tea parties even when I was a teenager. Using her silver polished set, we would watch our favorite soap opera, General Hospital, and yes, we giggled at ourselves for enjoying it so much.

The first tea party Hannah enjoyed with her grandmother was also one that would be forever cherished. Momma asked her to help set the table, and seat the “guests”.  Dolls. If you know my daughter? She has never been much into playing with dolls. My mother improvised by asking her who would be attending the tea party? Instead, it was stuffed horses, bears, dogs and other animals. It would be a first for my Momma and we chuckled about it for a few years afterward.

Since 2006, Hannah and I have kept up our tradition of the tea party. We do it in memory of her as a way to celebrate her time with us. We carefully remove the China tea set that she left to Hannah, set our table with a photo and some daisies.

tea party4

Our celebration takes place every year on May 17th, for her birthday. We say a prayer of thanks for the time we shared and the tea party begins. Balloons are released up into the heavens, always containing her favorite color of red. I have no idea if she actually sees them, it doesn’t really matter, only that we continue to remember her. We miss her, and it still breaks my heart that she is not here to share our lives with us.

tea party3

Happy Birthday in Heaven Momma.. I know the celebration is an eternal one. We didn’t really say “goodbye” only that we will “See you Later” until then… enjoy the balloons…and your  Royal tea party. We celebrate you and the unconditional love you gave, and we were so blessed to have you in our lives.


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