Hello, How May I Fix You?



This is me.  I am a fixer. If it is broken? I feel the need to fix it…and if it can’t be fixed? Then I feel like I have failed those that I love.

I prefer to be called an “encourager” but I am finding that there is a vast difference in the two.

Fixer: To repair

Encourager: To inspire or support

The harsh reality is that there are just some things I cannot fix. There are some things I cannot change, no matter how much I desire to do so. There are some things that I am not permitted to fix, and those that I wouldn’t even attempt to fix. Therein lies the battle with the “fixers” and also the source of a heavy heart for those around us.

I am learning that it is much more difficult to be the encourager these days. When I am unable to “fix” things? I have always shifted to encouragement mode. It is important to me for my family and those I love to be happy. If they are not? Then, there just has to be some way to fix it. The more I realize lately? I just can’t. I want to. I long to. Again….. Hello, How may I fix you?

So what do I do? I will continue to encourage as softly as I can, treading lightly and fixing the things I can. I will struggle to reason the how’s and why’s of everyday with the things I will never be able to fix. I will quietly whisper a prayer on your behalf and hope that somehow it will bring you courage for one more day – strength to keep facing your giants.

If some days you find me less than encouraging? Give me a little time and know that I am getting my second wind. If time passes and you see the winds blowing the opposite direction? Be my compass. Sing my song back to me when I can no longer remember all of the words. Sometimes the encourager needs encouraging, and the fixers need fixing too.

One ship drives east and other drives west by the same winds that blow. It’s the set of the sails and not the gales that determines the way they go.” Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
My goal is to become more of an encourager than a fixer. Some things are just not up to me to fix, but I can always offer a word of encouragement. Do I always feel like encouraging? Of course not – but it’s the choice that I hope I always choose. Then, I can change my name tag to read “Hello, How May I Encourage You? …has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

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