Long Distance Snow



Snow, Snow and more Snow! Everyone knows how much I love it! I have actually seen only a trace in my yard this year. (Unless it comes to fruition today.. a whopping 8 inches!) Not all of my friends love it the way I do. I often get verbal threats to stop doing the “snow dance” … We have even played out the joke of me being in a program, Snow-Anonymous! Needless to say? I didn’t last long before I fell off the wagon.

I have awesome friends that send me photos as soon as it snows! So far, they have come from 5 different states. No wonder I can’t help but to be excited about getting some accumulation here! I just happen to love the snow. I grew up in it, went sledding in it.. and sometimes tried to eat enough snow cream to have a brain freeze that lasted until spring.

Snow will always mean one thing to me, HOME. I have learned that it is so much more than a place, than it is a feeling. It’s that warm place inside that you hold all of your memories. I have definitely felt that love this week.



A majority of my childhood friends remain in the same state, some further North, and then there are those that moved away to Southern parts that are snow deprived also. I hope you enjoy these photos of Snow from a distance while you are staying warm in your warmer climates. However, I have a feeling you will not feel the cold, but like me, the warmth of the memories! For those of you that are still battling the frozen water lines, snow drifts, treacherous highways.. my wish for you is as always, stay warm and dry… mostly stay safe and know that Spring will eventually come!



I know that in spite of its beauty, it can create havoc. I have always been aware of the “ugly” parts of hard winters (you can read those in my previous blogs) So many hazards come with the snow, so it’s a good time to whisper a few prayers over those that are still dealing with these conditions. Yes, spring will come, and long hot summers, but these pictures will be added to your heart box of memories of winters gone by. (I plan to take a few myself!)


West Virginia

If by chance you are not in an area to see any white stuff this week? Feel free to gaze upon the ones posted here. I know that I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. Nothing can replace the feelings and places they have taken me this week.




I absolutely love the above picture of my niece, Sophia. Mainly, because it says it all for me. Stay a kid at heart, love with all you have, bask in the warmth of those that truly love you back, forgive as much as possible… and never, ever stop dancing – even if it is for snow.


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