I Wonder Why?



Do you ever have a day filled with “I wonder whys?” I do.. sometimes on a daily basis. So today, instead of my normal blog.. I thought it would be fun to list some of the crazy things I wonder about. After all, it is Fun Friday.

I wonder why…….

If I bring home take out food, I am greeted at the door. However, if it is groceries? no one hears me struggling to open the door?

No one visits when my house if it is really clean.

I cannot scream. (those of you that have heard it..well..you know)

Why does only one of my socks come off during the night?

If the news is on? it is on volume 22…if it is something I am watching…5 and I am reading lips.. and trying to carry on 2 conversations at one time.

Alien vs. Predator is on every day.

I like to smell gasoline

I frequently leave the house with an article of clothing turned inside out…yet no one notices until the END of the day.

The cars’ gas tank is never full when I am in a hurry

A thimble sized amount of milk is always left in my refrigerator.

I burn bread/toast/bagels almost every 1st attempt.

Mondays are the longest days of the week.. unless I am at the beach.

I can’t tolerate cabinet doors left open.

I am the mean person if/when I decide to be assertive.

My mother would not eat with a “bent” fork or eat a meal with a “salad” fork.

I can’t stand the sound of utensils scraping a plate.

I can hear my husband crunching his spoon into his cereal every morning.. when I don’t hear the alarm clock.

Why do I have to see every sunset..every evening?

They always leave their shoes in front of the doorway. (they do know I am a gravity tester, right?)

Why did I get all of the short genes. – t-rex arms

Why do I wonder why so much?

Why is the moon out in the daytime?

Why did they come up with Jane/John Doe? Why Doe?

Why do I remember the phrase “John Henry HoeHandle?”

If “Mother knows best” is true? Why do I question every decision I make? maybe it only meant your own mother.

I can’t remember second grade.

Wal-Mart never has enough cashiers.

My laptop battery is always dead after anyone else uses it.

It rains on days I need to do errands.

Why? Why? Why? do I wonder why? LOL

I am thankful to still have my mind to wonder why…….I plan to use it while it lasts.


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