I’ll See You Later



I’ll See You Later………….

The years have come and they have gone

Your work down here is done

No one can ever take your place

You’ll be missed for days to come

Death, it seems so final

But a joyful thought remains

I’ll not have to say goodbye

For we’ll meet again someday


I’m not saying goodbye

But I’ll see you later

For on Heaven’s shore

I’ll see your face once more

We’ll embrace again

And I’ll feel your arms around me

So I’ll see you later

And we don’t have long to wait


Wished there was more time to spend with you

Our days have been so few

There’s just not enough hours in a day

So swiftly they are through

I wouldn’t call you back even if I could

For when the Lord ascends

We’ll have plenty of time to spend together

For time will never end.



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