The Gift of Friends


There are no greater gifts in this life, than good friends. Old friends, new friends and lifelong friends that have become a part of my tapestry. Friends are not limited to acquaintances, but sometimes include your family members also. I have been blessed with an assortment of all of the above. They are my gifts that come in many different wrappings but uniquely treasured the same. Some have a few holes in their paper, some of their edges are worn and to be quite honest, some have had a lot of their pretty wrappers stripped away. There are those that are close to perfect with tight edges in their wrapping, bows that match perfectly and paper that anyone would be envious. Yet, no matter the wrapping, the gift is on the inside, the hearts of my friends. I have included a few of gifts from past, present and future just as a reminder.. It is never in the gift itself, but the thought that will always mean so much more.


I wear this pin every single year, for the past 5 years… each bead is hand stitched in this tree. I receive compliments every time I wear it.. I smile and say “A good friend made this” which is always followed by “wow, that is amazing”.  There is a lot of care and time invested in this treasure.. you can’t replace either.


It’s a Christmas gift bag…. just a bag, but it came to me by my nephew when he was only three. It reminds me of the simple times we shared just playing and reading books. He will never know the empty space he filled with giggles and love..many years before I became a mom. He will always be little in my eyes..the same little boy who would only let me do for him…. “no, I want “neece” to do it..” I still see him covered in chocolate frosting from cupcakes, all the while hoping I could somehow manage to not mess up his clothes before his Mom picked him up… I still smile when I use this little bag.


Longaberger baskets…. I have never owned one, yet always admired those of my other friends’. This one came to me filled with more love than I could have asked for. The gift was for me and my daughter – Who knew that they would become so much more than a neighbor. Genuine, a blessing to me and my family. (I have already asked if I can adopt them)


Yes, everyone knows that I LOVE Snoopy! What a thoughtful gift that my friends know me so well. I have seen Snoopy items close to this one in stores, however, this one happens to be more special because it was made especially for me. time spent with me in mind. How amazing is it that you can be acquaintances… then through the time you share, develops into what you know will be a lifelong friendship.. Unexpected Blessings… can you say awesomeness?!!!!!

Friends1Some of my specially wrapped friends had gathered some dust. These are ones that remain your friends for life, however, life gets a little busier than you anticipated, and well.. we all do it, time goes by and you just don’t see them. How blessed I was with this gift of handmade dish cloths. Beautifully stitched, and durable – just like this friend. I know that these will last a lifetime, just as this friendship will. – Maybe you have one of these friends? Take some time to do a little dusting.. even if it is just to say hello. Our friends are our greatest treasures, no matter what season you are in.


The last photo I include came to me many years ago…. I see this gift everyday, it is a reminder that no matter how much “time” passes, this friend remains. Months on end go by at times before we get a chance to chat, but when we do? It’s just like time has stood still and we pick back up where we left off, she is that kind of friend – a timepiece, one that gives me her time, regardless. I am truly blessed to know her.

Your gift may not be pictured here from past or present, but the thought is the same.. never take for granted the gifts you receive, the friendships you receive, and the thoughtfulness in what you give to others. Some of my greatest gifts have been a kind word of encouragement, a hug in the grocery store or just a quick note to say hello. Take time to be a giver of good gifts to your friends, and never take what you receive lightly.

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
Proverbs 17:17








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