A Good Cup of Coffee


Everyone knows that I am a coffee lover..coffee hound..cup of joe junkie. I have been for as long as I can remember.  It started with sneaking some with the grown-ups, I don’t recall it being love at first sip? We all know that coffee is somewhat of an acquired taste. Lot’s of folks love to smell it while brewing…and it pretty much ends there. There are  more things that I love about coffee, other than drinking it.

First of all, I have visual associations with the ordinary cup of coffee. I see Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends..and a coffee pot that was forever in need of refilling. I can smell coffee, and my mind immediately drifts to the images of some of the most precious faces gathered around a kitchen table or living room sofa, sometimes on the front porch swing! Enjoying the coffee and the extra bonus of great company. Blends of the most special kind – family and friends.. each one so different. Strong, Bold, Medium, Robust, even Imported!! I have fond memories for each and every one of them.

Secondly, a good cup of coffee has a lot to say! What makes it good? How strong is too strong? Weak…well, not many folks enjoy seeing clearly to the bottom of their cups! Do you really have to embellish coffee with substitutes, creamers, and syrups in order to be able to tolerate it? Can you handle just a simple cup of black coffee?

What about your cup? I know I have my favorites that seem to add to the pleasure of drinking mine in the mornings. A mug that resembles the ones my grandmother had in shades of green, yellow and orange (mine above!) make me feel a little warmer on the inside! Some mornings I may choose a special cup that a friend has given me….just because it was a gift especially for me? I know some folks that enjoy a “glass” of coffee (I am NOT naming names here!) I have never understood the concept of this, but..apparently they enjoy it in this fashion.

As a coffee lover, you never seem to tire of the smell, taste, and the memories that come with it, but.. I have to ask the question? Have you ever had a BAD cup of coffee? Nothing is worse or more difficult to tolerate – than a BAD cup of coffee! Yuck! Seems no matter how many great tasting creamers and concoctions we add, it remains just what it is.. BAD! It may be bitter, stale, cold (and not the good kind), sour or just too weak! It’s pretty unforgettable, right? Sounds like people in a lot of ways don’t you think? We tolerate, wince at the very site. We often say, “No thanks” To me, coffee is much like our attitudes, when our attitudes mirror bad coffee, no matter what you try to spruce it up with? You are still going to have what you started with..and a lingering after taste! I must say the times I have endured Bad coffee..it was only because I knew that the person meant well, I knew the intent and not everyone is capable of making great coffee. Aaah..Tolerance.

I want to BE a good cup of coffee!!!! I want the bells and whistles that go with it.. the memories of friends and family enjoying each other’s company. I want the blends of pleasant varieties!  I want to stir up latte’s and laughter! Coffee grounds by themselves are not pleasant.. it takes the mighty work of a filter… in order to let the good stuff flow to my cup….the same with my attitude.. being aware to use my “filter” so the good stuff keeps flowing and perking into a cup that “runneth over”..it tends to taste much better that way without being stale and bitter.

A good cup of coffee indeed has a lot to say….and for me lots of great memories!  I look forward to enjoying a GOOD cup again real soon with some great friends and family! Join someone for a cup..and make it a good one!


4 thoughts on “A Good Cup of Coffee

  1. totally agree, and i too remember those cups, mom had some. I think i may have even had some. i started drinking coffee when i worked at the trucking company in columbus, ohio . I made a huge pot every morning for the guys that worked there , and it smelled so good i started trying it, although i had to weaken it down a little. Truckers like it strong enough to stand a spoon in. And you are right there are certain places, and people that make having a cup of coffee together a blessing. I too, remember many of these faces and the love that i had for them and they for me. Even back as far as grandma Mills, you could tell she really enjoyed her cup of coffee. Many of my memories of her are sitting talking at the table having coffee and a cig. She was so precious and we will be blessed to see her again someday, she died way too soon. Estel and Mert always had the pot on and the coffee was good, but the time together was better. Mom just about always welcomes me with a cup of coffee, again weakened down just a bit. Bobbi McCoy my very good friend, knows exactly how i like mine, as does my darling husband and we share our thoughts and feeling every day while drinking our coffee, although he ruins his with creamer and sugar , lol.
    Can’t wait to share a pot of joe with you my darling cousin. i really love reading your blogs, keep em coming.
    And for all the wonderful folk i’ve had a cup of coffee with in the past, thanks for the memories.

  2. Mary Beth

    I want to be like a good cup of coffee too!! I remember the cups we used to drink around the table at mom’s and all the different crazy cups she had!!!

  3. Carol Alsobrooks

    I remember the Good Cups ,It was so nice to have some one to talk to and share that cup with ,,and maybe some secrets that went along with it . I miss the our coffee nights ,,,

  4. Teresa McCoy

    Coffee Wakes u up. Coffee Perks u up. Coffee Warms u up. Coffee was just coffee at one time. Now its Starbucks, McCafe, Dunkin, Bojoe and many others in competition to be the best. Lattes, expresso, Frothy, Flavored, Sprinkled, Hot, Iced, Frappe, so many to choose from. What ever happened to the old Maxwell house cream or sugar? I guess those days are gone. Welcome to the new coffee age.

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