Monsoon or Drought


Rain, Rain, and more Rain….. Anyone that knows me, well, you know I do not like rainy days. It makes me gloomy. On rainy days, I don’t venture out unless it is absolutely needful or someone needs me in an extreme sort of way. I know we need rain, It’s just not my favorite kind of day. Water soaked grass, wet driveways, and the constant dripping down my window panes.

I don’t know why I don’t like the rain? I have many friends that love, love, love a rainy day. Maybe they enjoy the sound? Maybe it gives them a moment to slow down? I have never enjoyed it as far back as I can remember.

I know it is needful. I have seen many times when just a drop would have been welcomed on our garden, in our evaporating swimming pool, or just to cool off enough to be able to function on a sweltering day. Without the water, we suffer…we dry up…we are parched. Thirsty and wanting.

The truth is, we are never satisfied. We want rain when it is dry and a break from it when it is too wet. Philippians 4:10 says…”I have learned, in whatever state I am in, to be content.” I am still learning.  Learning to accept the good with the bad, seeing the purpose behind the “rainy days” to prevent us from being in such a state of drought.

I can relate to drought. Dried up, finding it difficult to get a full breath of air, a hassle to make small efforts without exhaustion. Like a piece of old driftwood, dried and weightless, capable of being blown away with the smallest amount of wind. During these times, we want only what we wished away – a fresh rain… a monsoon of water. We are seldom satisfied.

The awesome creator made the soul. I can’t visualize what it is made of? I can relate it to the image of a mere “sponge” – porous, permeable by water. It makes perfect sense that the soul would be similar to the sponge. Too much water, and it is saturated, too little and it is dry and in danger of cracking.

Overwhelming burdens (monsoon)…or becoming complacent (drought). How do we find the middle ground? Our attitude…determines our altitude. And no, I am not saying that life is glorious as long as you have a good attitude. I don’t agree. Sometimes, life just happens, knocks us to the ground without a good reason. I love the quote that our pastor uses frequently…”Life’s tough – Get a helmet!” how true! It’s what we learn from the monsoon and the drought that makes us appreciate the good weather seasons in our lives. It’s making the choice – intentionally to be “content” in our current state..atleast long enough to make it to the better seasons.

Be encouraged during the monsoon season and in the drought! Remember it’s only a season, and they change!!! faithfully…..I have to leave you with one of my other favorite quotes (yes, you will find I have many!) “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Okay, so I’m not a dancer…but maybe today is the day to just give it a try…even if it requires finding my rain boots.


One thought on “Monsoon or Drought

  1. nananet

    The only time I really like rain is when I want a lazy day at home. Take a nap’watch a good moving kind of day. But I really don’t like rain or cold weather if I have to get out in. Oh and I like rain in warm weather like in the evening sitting on front forch swinging and drinking coffee. That is one of the time me and my husband like to spend time together. It is not raining here today but it is cold and cloudy and I would love to be home with my fireplace taking a good long nap. Now that would be great!!!

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