Mom (2)


My day revolved around them. The weather is still very dry and cold and I seem to require a lot of lotion these days. Such a strange thing to overwhelm me, but then again, that is usually how it happens when  I am blindsided.

I don’t usually pay that much attention to my left or right hands. They are normally never still, but today as I paused for lotion…..I realized how much they are starting show my age. It happens…I’m not going to stop it. I am thankful that they still serve me well.

I suddenly become aware of the fact I can’t remember my mother’s hands. I am overwhelmed by a sinking feeling. How could I forget what they looked like? After all, they were a part of my everyday life as a child.. and even as an adult.

I push the thought aside-That’s what you do when you have these moments. I function. I move on.

In the midst of playing the keyboard tonite, I lose my way. I only see my hands. No longer looking at my music, but staring at my hands. I am lost in my thoughts…of hands.

Once I had settled into my evening,  I can’t rest until I see them again. The hands of my Mother. Why? Why do they consume me so much in the middle of my week.

I search for at least one photo. I desperately search until I have found one. I need to see them up close.

Immediately, I remember her words… A closed hand can never receive blessings. Closed hands live in a state of fear and greed. An open hand is compassionate, a help to others as needed, a comfort to rest on a shoulder.  An open hand is much like your heart, love has to have an open space to dwell in, it cannot reach its potential in a clenched fist.

Hands….I hope one day when my daughter looks at mine.. she will see something similar..a gentle reminder of how I used them.

My Hands


2 thoughts on “Hands

  1. Joan

    neicie, how sweet, great story and she will remember how you used them, just as you remember how your mama served you. she will remember how you served her proudly with those hands. love you much

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