I Wanna Be Your Friend


One of my first time “guest bloggers” for today. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. Enjoy and never forget to encourage one another…Be a Friend.


Those simple words sometimes mean something more. You could say yes or no depending on that person. You could become best friends, or worst enemies. (And I hope you never get any foes, just friends.) but lets face it, there are mean people in the world, and we simply can’t be everyone’s friend, but we can try. Some will let you in and accept you, others just walk away or worse, even bully you.

Being nice to people works, of course, but sometimes it doesn’t work and you just have to accept that. I have seen two friends be close for a really long time but then something happened and now one is on his/her knees begging for a second chance. I’m not shouting out names, I would not do that because that only hurts people more. I’ve been in that situation. I know how that feels, it hurts like crazy, especially when you know there is no second chance. Yes, even though I’m young,  there are still stupid things I have done. I  wish I could have re-done and knowing what to do and make it right. We all have made stupid decisions and sometimes find ourselves saying “God, why did I do that?” You just ask for forgiveness and try to not do it again. Make up for it, do nice things for people and you will have a good reputation, but most of all, be yourself. If for you,  being yourself is mean and not so nice, you need to find your true self, because most likely that is not you. It happened to me, I prayed and asked God to help me and to be a better person, and he helped me. I have changed, trust me I have made a difference in my life and going back to my grumpy aggravating crazy self, I just think “thank goodness I changed because I was wrong. Maybe you don’t know some of the things I did but trust me, some things you don’t want to know.

I still stumble and I  am not perfect, just human. We all are and we all stumble. This has been a rough year, but some of the good has made up for it. Lots of change, some people aren’t on this earth, but are in our hearts. Some just watching us, laughing at things we do, proud of us when we accomplish something good or something we really want in life. Some of you, I know are going though something hard, frustrating, or you just miss someone. I hope you find your way, and have a good rest of the year. I end with this:
If you have no one, don’t worry, Jesus will send you someone. Besides that, he is one of the best friends you will ever have, that’s what my Pa said, and Jesus was and still is his best friend. Except this time, I think he is riding some of the most beautiful horses in the world, doing what he loves.


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