30 Thankful Things



I have decided to not join in the the daily post of being thankful this year and list them all at once in my blog. I know this list is not complete, because  there is always something new to be thankful for. I treasure it more than a “bucket list” because the thankful list is an everyday occurrence. It is also a place I will be able to revisit….when I feel a little less than thankful. Other than “God” and my “Family” they are in no particular order.

1. God

2. My Family

3. My Awesome Friends

4. Music

5. Do Overs

6. Sunset views from my front door

7. Memories

8. My Brothers

9. Homeschool

10. Christmas

11. Sunny Days

12. Lessons Learned

13. Promises Kept

14. The Ocean

15. Health

16. Daisies

17. Coffee

18. Bon-Bons

19. Alone Time

20. Good Books

21. Sunrises on the Beach

22. Our Pets

23. Mercy – renewed every morning

24. Health

25. Thanksgiving

26. Pinterest

27. My church family

28. Hannah’s Smile

29. Blue Skies

30. Wisdom, whether I use it or not.

I hope you use the month of November to count your blessings and the things you are thankful for… may we not forget them long after the holidays are behind us.

I Thess. 5:18     “Be thankful in all things”


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