My Favorite Sweater


sweaterCold winds blow today, temperatures are falling quickly. I scan the closet for something warmer to wear, something comfortable and cozy. Where did I put my favorite sweater from the past year? I know it has to be in here somewhere, but sifting through the rack of long sleeves and hoodies, it seems to have been misplaced. I really wanted to wear my favorite today,  so I take a little more time to look until it finally appears. I pull it over my head and in an instant, I feel warmer.

I began to think about why it was my favorite? Did someone special give it to me, no. Does it fit better than my other winter clothing? not especially. It just simply makes me feel better. I like the way it feels, especially on a more than usual cold afternoon.

As I wear my sweater, my mind always goes to cozy. Those people in my life that give me the same feeling as my sweater. The parts of my heart that are always warm and cozy when I think of them. I wear them just like my favorite sweater, wrapping them and holding them close to my soul. I am warm….I am always loved here, unconditionally. It doesn’t really matter how cold it gets on the outside, my heart feels the warmth.  Some of the threads have been thinned, worn with time,  but still have the capacity to serve as a layer of love.

As you feel the chill in the air this winter season, my prayer is that you never let your favorite sweaters totally unravel, mend the tattered threads and take special care of them. Appreciate the love they give, especially on the coldest days…and never take for granted the warmth they bring.

invisible thread


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