Christmas Day has come and gone but it is still holiday time! Since it is my favorite time of the year? Yes, I tend to hold it out until the very last day and on into New Year’s Day. It also means a time for completing some around the house projects that have been placed on the back burner. This year it will be fence work and removing some unwanted trees, mainly the things that there is no time for during the regular work week. There are still things that I have to get done before Christmas vacation is over, places I need to go and take care of some errands. I am determined it is still Christmas!!! It’s not over…..

I am still hoping in a small corner of my mind that my Brother and his family will be able to squeeze in a visit before they return to work and school. Hope. (Hatikvah) has proven to be one of my most favorite words this year. It has become almost a life-preserver for me during this past year. So I hope. We had already discussed the possibilities of a visit, and the last word was a “we’ll see”. Now, in my vocabulary that has always meant = probably NO. I pretty much had figured it just wouldn’t work out for this year, and after the phone call later that evening? I knew he had heard the disappointment in my voice, although I tried to be the big Sister. I assured him it was okay, and that I understood. (He knows I am a big baby when it comes to seeing them) Yes, I was disappointed. He already knew I was, but I didn’t want to make him feel any worse about not being able to come for a visit. All the while, the only thing I heard myself repeating on the drive home was “They’re not coming” and wondering how many busy months would pass until we would get together. August through December is a short amount of time, unless you are away from family members and especially if you have rapid growing nephews.

Friday morning… we are busy. We are fencing and it takes all three of us, working down in the field. It’s noisy with the equipment running although we had our phones in our pockets. A few hours pass and I receive a text from my brother. “What are you all doing”… replied.. working on fence. I returned the phone back to my pocket. Knowing that he would probably just call me later.

A few more hours pass away on Friday and we are almost finished with the fence. Text message again… “Are you finished yet?” replied.. nope, not yet.

I’m still thinking, how much I wish they were coming for a visit.. but knew it would be at least late spring or summer before that was going to happen. I knew that my nephew would soon be back to baseball season and there would be few weekends that they would even be home. I go back to helping with the fence.

Another hour passes and I get yet another text message asking is the “field” open. He doesn’t know my eyesight is not what it used to be.. I wonder why in the world is he asking me this? Then I get a text with a picture of both of my nephews standing beside of one of the signs that mark the paintball field? I glance at it thinking it was a photo he came across last year. I return my phone to my pocket. (Okay, so I’m a little dense sometimes…he already knows this) I’m sure he is wondering why I have no response.

Finally, he calls on my husbands cell and asks if I have my phone on? Yes, she does but maybe she didn’t hear it ring. He passes the phone to me. I’m still wondering why he is calling.. I already told him I was in the middle of the field working on the electric fence and setting posts? Busy.

At the beginning of our conversation, he says “What are you doing? … I’m working! Is something wrong? he says “no, nothings wrong.. didn’t you get the picture?” I replied “yes, I got it” Still being my dense self here. (weird that there is only one letter missing from my actual name? maybe this is not a coincidence…hmmmm) Do you see your nephews in the picture.. I said well, yes…he said “look again” …….


For the first time in my life, my brother has pulled a big surprise over on me.  A Christmas surprise. I still had a little bit of hope left that they would be able to visit. I’ll admit that it had gotten a little smaller by Friday morning, but it was still there.

I immediately said “Where are you?” You’d better not be lying!!!!! Are you kidding around? Are you here??? He said “Well, are you home or not? Do you mind us just dropping in because I am in your driveway? By this time… the tears were already beginning to form. I still tried to be the big Sister, but that didn’t last long when I looked up and saw my nephews running through that field. Hatikvah. I don’t go anywhere without it.

Needless to say, our visit from Friday through Monday was awesome, and always goes by way too fast, but I am so thankful that we were able to spend some time together. My nephews will have grown even more by the next visit, and so will my daughter but for a few days, time was ours. Cousins were busy playing inside, outside and having late nights… as it should be.

Yes, this year has been full of surprises… I’m counting my good ones!!! Always have hope..especially in the important things that are close to your heart. God knew all along how to reinforce my Hatikvah (Hope). My brother had no way of knowing the implications of his “Surprise” – but I have a feeling he knows exactly how much it meant to his Sister.


God is Faithful in ALL things……

“Therefore know that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments Deuteronomy 7:8-10


2 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Tears… but Hashem keeps His promises to 1000 generations… I’m so glad He loves us like that and I’m so thankful for the time your family had together… yes… every moment is precious… hold onto those moments and keep them playing in your mind until the next time… my prayer is that next time is sooner than later…

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