Because We Love


invisible thread

Because we love….

Because we love, we experience disappointment.

Because we love, we face heartbreak.

Because we love, we feel helpless.

It is often easier to listen with our heads, not our hearts. It’s the rationality and reasoning that keeps us from breaking over the edge to the pain that loving often causes. When we feel something too strongly, are discouraged deep within our souls, it is easier to turn to our logic that turns a thousand miles an hour in our thoughts.

When these two entities collide, we are overwhelmed with emotion. How do you make the silence speak peace? How do you quiet the restlessness. We build walls and barriers and refuse to let the two worlds nestle together.

Be still my soul, be still.

All because we love too deeply, care too easily, these are our disabling devices. Parts of the soul that will never be extinguished, only fueled by what if’s of life.

“What if’s” in life prove to be exhausting, spinning our emotions into a downward spiral.

Which is easier? Having no passion for those things that are close to your heart? Having no hope for something that seems far beyond your reach? Choosing not to love for the fear of losing them?

Hope. Faith. Love. A three stranded cord that intertwines itself. The invisible thread that holds all of our dreams. It is not possible to live without any of the three. So we continue to move along, quiet the restlessness, and make sense of the what if’s in our corner of the world.

Choose to love. Even when it is painful to do so.

Choose to love. Even when it seems impossible.

Choose to love. Even when it is not the easy path.

Because we love, we experience joy. Because we love, we have hope. Because we love, we leave our hearts wide open for the amazing to happen.

Love has no regrets, it is a reservoir for the strength to face our journey.. Our “what if’s” in life.

What will you choose?

And now we have these three: faith and hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:12-13


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