Everyone Needs a Hero


UltramanWhat a strange-looking creature he was… Ultraman. Honestly, I don’t remember him looking so strange. I do, however, remember calling for him quite often.

As much as I can gather, Ultraman was a chinese based cartoon. He was the infamous hero of a village of children in China. Plagued by godzilla-type villains, the children could always call on their hero, and voila! Down would come Ultraman, battling the monsters to become the hero once again.

My Momma would tell the story that when I was in dire straights with her, I would yell as loud as I could for “Ultraman”.  I don’t have to tell you that he never came, but it didn’t stop me from believing that he would.

The fact is, everyone needs a hero…someone to believe in. For my brother, it was probably more along the lines of The Lone Ranger, the ultimate superhero for little boys. He was pretty fond of the Comic Super Heroes also aka -Superman, Batman, etc.

I also had an imaginary friend. Most of our family related it to me being an only child for the four years before my brother was born, but the friend caused my Momma to get a lot of looks and advice from those around her.  Apparently, the imaginary one was a good friend, because I had him/her for quite some time. As I recall, my Daddy sat on him/her and I remember letting him know that he had “killed” my friend. RIP Imaginary friend.. making room for the baby brother I suppose.

A hero and their identity changes throughout our lives. Most often they are replaced with that of real people. Each one as important as the one before, serving a purpose for that chapter in our lives.  My Stepdad and my mother of course, filled those shoes for many years, after they were gone, the role shifted many times to my brother who stayed by my side throughout my Momma’s illness, then to my husband who held me through every step of her funeral. Many times my close friends have been my hero, unaware of the strength I gained through their kindness. Often times, my daughter fills those shoes, being the constant reminder of my purpose here.

Everyone needs a hero. I also believe it is just as important  to be one to someone when given the chance. Never miss the opportunity to be something good for someone when they are incapable of doing it themselves, be their song, when they have forgotten the words. I sometimes find myself wanting to call for Ultraman again…such a crazy thought, it’s the idea of a hero, someone to rescue me…protect me…make me feel worth the risk, or sometimes just to make the monsters go away. It is then that I remind myself that they are here, disguised as regular people, with invisible capes and superpowers to be used when I need them the most.


4 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Hero

  1. Don’t remember hearing bout “Ultra-man”… BUT… I DO know who to call when I’m in trouble… my friends are my heros because they come a-runnin’ when I holler just like “Ultra-man” was sposed to do for you… Thank you for being one of my biggest heros!

  2. If I have ever been anything close to a “hero” to you thank you. But you have shown me more about courage and strength than anyone I know you have always been a hero of mine and always will be. I love you with all of my heart and thank you.

  3. Denise, yes, we all need heros and we all need each other. Thankful for you and your loving generous heart. As I tell my little one, Jesus is the most powerful superhero you will ever know. He rose from the dead!! His little eyes light up and his lips curl into a tight smile. Yes, we all need heros.

  4. Thank you all for continuing to encourage me in writing…yes, Emily-I will don the cape for you anytime you need me.. to my brother -You have been my rock more times than you know, I love you with all of my heart too…. and thanks Lizzie for being my cheerleader in blogging.. and you are right- Jesus is my constant superhero….I can always, always depend on him to show up…omnipotent!

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